The Angriest Angel | Characters

Meet the characters (an artist's interpretation)

Chase (Earth)
An abusive, dysfunctional childhood led Chase to juvenile delinquency and little to no education. As an adult, things didn't get much better. Every attempt to stay straight seemed to unravel as trouble inevitably found him. His recent diagnosis showing he had ADHD only seemed to further complicate his life, especially with the Caelans interest in his immunity to their psy.
Avery (Caelus)
Avery embodies Caelan virtue. Peaceful, loving and kind, she is an example of why anger has been non-existent on Caelus for so long. Like most Caelans, Avery was chosen to come to Earth for her skills as a scientist, but her close relationship with Nathan has involved her in events far beyond her research.
Nathan (Caelus)
With the official title of auxiliator, Nathan has a critical role among his people. He oversees all matters--both big and small--as they relate to interaction with the people of Earth. His primary responsibilities include secrecy management, indigena relations, and technology recovery. He is also at the forefront of trying to determine why his people are suddenly and unexpectedly becoming angry.
Cadence (Caelus)
Wife of Gavin and older sister to Avery, Cadence's skills as a doctor are secondary to her skills as a genetic research scientist. A perfectionist and over-achiever, she is often critical of Avery's choices, both in her personal and professional life.
Lafaye (Caelus)
The last remaining Regulus (leader) of the Caelan people on Earth. Some have witnessed him periodically becoming angry—which is a problem for many reasons: his position of leadership, his powerful psy, and the Caelan's virtue to uphold kindness and peace. It is widely believed that the tragic death of his wife a year ago is responsible for his slide into anger.